eM Client crashes using Copy to Folder

I have just upgraded to version 9.2.1222

If I receive a message that has a .eml e-mail as an attachment, I can open the attachment but if I use Copy to Folder to save it then eM Client crashes. This worked fine with previous versions. Are other people having a problem with this?

Copy to Folder works fine on other e-mails - it is only with attachments there is an issue.

I cannot replicate that problem with the same eM Client version for Windows. I can copy incoming .eml emails with .pdf attachments inside them using either the copy to folder or copy to folder (recent folders) no problem at all. No crashes.

So could be “the type of attachment” inside your .eml messages you are receiving, or possibly the senders.eml email messages are partially corrupted.

So suggest for a test to export a non .eml message with an attachment in eM Client to an .eml message using the (Right click / Save as) option in the body of the email, and then send yourself a new email from one of your other free email address’s with the .eml message you just saved attached to it and see if that works. You will then know if the problem lies with the senders .eml emails.

It makes no difference the source of the incoming e-mail or the .eml attachment. It crashes even if the e-mail and e-mail attachment both originate in eM Client i.e. there should be no compatibility issues. I can Forward as Attachment any e-mail in eM Client and when I receive it I can open and read the attached e-mail but as soon as I try Copy to Folder for the attachment it crashes.

So the test procedure is this:

  1. Forward as Attachment any e-mail to yourself.
  2. When you receive the e-mail open the attachment.
  3. Whilst viewing the attached e-mail click Copy to Folder, select a folder and click OK. This is the point it crashes for me. It will have to check the database when next you open eM Client.

This used to work for me prior to the upgrade to 9.2.1222 so it looks like it is linked to the upgrade somehow.

Ok i see what you mean. Yes i can replicate that (Copy to folder crashing issue) in V9.2.1222 for Windows when the .eml attachment message window is open. and you click the “Copy to Folder” “within that open window” and then select a folder & click ok. It then crashes back to the desktop.

I also found that, (while the .eml window is open) if you click Copy to Folder option “back on the main message toolbar”, that “does copy to the folder ok” and “doesn’t crash” eM Client.

So the crashing bug appears to be “only when the .eml message window is open” and you click the copy to folder “within that same window” as you advised.

I was also able to reproduce it. It only crashes if you have added the Copy to Folder option to the toolbar.

Until it is fixed, just drag the eml from the original message to the destination folder

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Thanks Gary - I forgot all about the simple solution, namely drag and drop.