EM Client Crashes after opening with windows 7

Can anyone help me with this issue? EM Client fails after opening and an empty dialogue box appears in center of screen ~ only choices are to wait for program or close program and neither produce good results ~

I would first reboot your Windows 7 and try opening eM Client again. Could just need a reboot after install. Ctrl / Alt / Del and make sure you close any eM Client open tasks first as well.

Next if same problem after reboot, could be when it installed it hadn’t fully installed 100% somewhere and might be partially corrupted installation. So try uninstall the program and if you had just setup a new eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account also suggest to “delete the database on uninstall” as well “when asked on uninstall wizard” and then reboot your PC again.

Then suggest to re-download the latest eM Client V8.2.1659 from the version history page and reinstall to see if that version will work correctly first on Windows 7 as eM Client V9 is not really designed for that older OS and some features don’t work on it, and may also have issues on Windows 7 with running the program anyway being now such an older unsurported OS now. You really should be on Win 10 minimum.

If works on eM Client V8.2.1659 then backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and "close eM Client then try downloading the latest V9.0.1361 from the version history page above and install that which normally will upgrade your V8 ok.