eM Client crashes after integrity check in loop in MacOS

Hi, I have met exactly the same behavior already on my Windows machine. There I had to uninstall the app including user data, because regular SW re-installation didn’t help. So, I had to do clear new installation and recovery from backup.

Now, today, I have met the issue on my MacOS. So I have put the app into thrash bin to uninstall it, downloaded and installed the app from scratch. BUT - it seems that user data remained in the system such as in Windows. In Win I was able to find the user data folder because it was mentioned in FAQ section in eM Client website but there is no mention about MacOS user data location. And unfortunately I haven’t found them even here in this forum. So, please, where can I find user data in MacOS so that I can delete them in order to get the eM Client functioning again and could you place this info to your official website (FAQ section) too?

Many thanks!

On the Mac the default location for the database is the /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/eM Client/ folder.

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