eM Client constantly synchronizing messages - - no errors

New install of eM Client. Seems to work OK, but has not stopped synchronizing messages. Has been running almost 24 hours. Options say to sync every 10 minutes. Is this normal?

Hi Pete  (Pete & re-Pete -:) 

This can be normal and depends on the number of messages in your account.
 Read somewhere it can take a couple of days.
I think it’s slow compared to other email clients.

Interference can be caused by AV scanning and/or limitation by ISP or email provider…

The 10 min sync is bypassed because the sync’ing is not finished.

So long as you see the message count in eM Client  steadily increasing 
things should be OK

Pete E.

Thanks, Pete. I’ll just wait for it to stop. Still seems to be running OK – I continue to get new messages,

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the feedback.
Lots of threads just die because of no response by the OP…

BTW - you can interrupt the downloading if neccessary.
When you come back online, the sync’ ing will just continue.

This happened to me recently with no ill effect…