EM client changed the dates of emails imported from an Outlook pst file.

I recently migrated my email from Outlook to e M client. I successfully transferred all my emails by importing the outlook pst files. The problem is that e M client changed the dates and times on which the emails were originally sent to the date and time of transfer. I still have the original pst file and can repeat the import. What can I do to stop e M client from changing the date and time?

I have “sent items archive” and “deleted items archive” folders and the dates and time in those folders are apparently not affected during the import. However, when you forward an email from those folders e M does not display the original date/time in the forwarded email but it displays the date/time of transfer. Can that be fixed?

I have since found that this date/time problem exists in all folders that I have imported into e M. My operating system is Windows 10 and I am importing mail from Outlook 365.

Maybe try syncing eM Client with your Outlook 365 account rather than importing.