eM Client causing another program to slow down.

Hi all,
I have just installed the free version and really like it. I am also now considering the Pro version. However it does seemed to have slowed down drastically our POS software MAM Autopart and they were not prepared to look deeper in to this. When we closed down EM Client it did speed up Autopart. Any ideas please.

can you please check your Task Manager and tell me if eM Client shows any increased CPU activity?
Also are you having the issue even if eM Client runs simultaneously with the other application for longer time-period.

If you start eM Client and the issue occurs it might be because eM Client starts syncing all your emails etc. so the performance might be a bit slower, but it should not be happening all the time.

If all your applications run slow while eM Client is on for a long time, please use this tool and send me the output to mcgregor@emclient.com.

Thank you,