eM Client can't install


I’m new member, glad to be here!

Igor here, from Croatia!

A few days ago I bought a new PC, and installed everything again, including excellent eM Client.
Unfortunately, I can’t install it, because it gives me a message that the database is impossible to load and find.
Can you help me how to install eM Client again?

Thanks and regards,

Here is errors:

You will need to reconnect drive D: and make sure that folder is available, then start eM Client.

If you can’t re-establish a connection to D: see my comment here that explains how to remove the location from your registry:

Then the default database location will be used instead.

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Mr. Gary, thank you SO MUCH !!!
eM Client working like a charm !!! When I deleted the 2 files from the Registry, I restarted the computer, and started the installation again and it installed without any problems!

Once again, THANK YOU!!! :slightly_smiling_face: