eM client can't delete a email in the trash because too big

One week ago i delete a email of 25mb, but every day emclient say to me that this email can’t deleted because it’s too big. Now i don’t see that mail in send mail folder and in trash folder but every 5 minutes i see error message. What can i do?I delete this mail also in gmail.
Thank you.

Hi, are you using the latest version of eM Client 3.5.11809?

Yes, but the problem remain. Do you know what can i do?

Try to do a database repair: http://www.emclient.com/tools/DbRepai…
If it still doesn’t work, maybe it got corrupt. I have delete 10MB e-mail /w attachment before, but not 25MB. But I can’t imagine the size would be a issue, unless this is a .NET related bug.

Can you please paste here complete text of error you get (or send a screenshot of it)?

Thank you everebody ,i solve my problem. The problem was in gmail trash folder.now my emclient is ok. Bye!