Em client cannot be used for outlook?

Hi I recently downloaded emclient but it does not support my outlook email reinstalled it 3 times still nothing if anyone knows why please help me

Can you give a little information about what you mean when you say it does not support your Outlook email?

The eM Client website does give instructions on setting up with Outlook.com. You can find that here if it is of any help.

You need an app-specific password, which you can generate on your Microsoft account web page by going to Account>Security>additional security options (or something like that, this is just an ad hoc translation of my German UI). You will need this password only once while setting up your Outlook account in eM Client.

I have eM Client setup with an Outlook.com account, but I don’t have an app password. It is not required.

But if you have set an app specific password in your Microsoft account settings, then yes, you need to use that rather than the account password.