em Client breaks its own terms of use

em Client includes spam functionality for the purpose of marketing itself. The spam is sent using bulk e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. This is accessed via the “Invite to em Client” toolbar button and unsolicited pop-up windows.

This functionality contradicts the program’s licence agreement. The terms of use state that users must promise to not use the program or service to send content that “constitutes unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, junk or bulk e-mail (“spamming”)”.

This is hypocrisy; the company doesn’t want users to do bad things, but the company’s own software does one of those same bad things. The software has been designed to insist that users use it for a bad purpose that they have promised not to.

If the company behind em Client recognises and forbids all of these bad things, why is it doing them itself? I think this double standard should cease and the company should remove the spamming and advertising functionality from the program. After all, they recognise that doing so is bad.

I disagree with you - eM Client sends invitation only to users
you choose from your address list.

That seems to be true, but by default it appears to send them to everyone in your address list. To me, the functionality is obvious marketing.

Do you really not think the functionality constitutes unsolicited advertising or bulk e-mail?

I do not think that it is an unsolicited advertising because it is up to you if you use the functionality.

Whether you choose to send the invitations isn’t the problem.

The problem is that the program includes functionality that is specifically intended to do something that is directly against the terms and conditions that users have to agree to. The program even pushes free users to use it and break their promises from the terms and conditions.

How do you know the recipients have actually asked for or agreed to receive the marketing messages? Chances are that they haven’t. That makes the messages unsolicited. The terms and conditions require users to promise not to use the program or service to send unsolicited messages.

You also haven’t addressed the “bulk e-mail” part.

I’m a recent transfer from OE to eM Client and much like the interface. Re the above posts, I innocently clicked on Like eM Client to see what happened . . . Now with regard to the above posts, does the fact that I clicked mean that by default ALL my contacts see my like? So is George Wilson saying it’s upto me whether I click the Like button even if there is no clue who would see the Like?

I am sorry but I am not aware of any Like eM Client button - can you please send me a screenshot?

Sorry George but I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you what eM Client’s screens display. So perhaps you could forgive me this time and either address Sam’s post of a month ago or give me a clue what hitting the Invite to eM Client button does.

The only reference I can find is in the 1st post by Sam
This is under ‘Help > Invite to em Client’
No like button
No spamming

David, just to clarify, in my problem report and comments, the messages that eM Client sends are what I am referring to as spam. The definition of spam I am using in this context is eM Client’s own definition: content that “constitutes unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, junk or bulk e-mail”. This definition describes exactly what the e-mail portion of eM Client’s marketing functionality does.

Actually I do understand ‘your’ comment.
My post refers to the fact that for me to ‘send’ via a like button using eMclient I would first have to click (select) three items. Then it is I who has sent the spam and not the client.

I think it’s fair to say Sam has a point here. I understand eM Client’s desire to advertise its product - and it’s a great product, I’m going to buy a license. But it does facilitate sending out a pre-packaged commercial message in bulk. Yes, the user has to choose to click on a few things, but Sam’s point is that eM Client is actually facilitating the sending of bulk commercial messages. And in v.5 the button is always right there on the main button bar. Personally, I don’t like that, and it detracts from my otherwise very favorable impression of the product.

David, I appreciate the merit of these posts . . . can you advise what each of your 3 clicks do to make you the spammer?! PS I’ve keyed-in Invite to eM Client into the search box and got nowt.

Oooops and Duh! OK the 3 clicks start not from Help via F1 key but instead from Menu bar, Help > Invite to eM Client. Another point which I’m happy to live with is that notwithstanding the Invite charade, we customers can voluntarily promote the product to each of our recipients by effecting within Tools/Settings/Mail/Templates and Signatures . . . “attach sent from eM Client” to every mail. Having paid for a licence, I’m doing my bit!

are you aware that this function can actually be put to good use?
What about invitations to a party, what about christmas?

As for invitations: You see whether they want it - they come or they don’t
Now as for unwanted mail: You can always mail the supposed spammer asking to be removed from the list.

The only thing really missing is a SPAM filter.
But that’s not in any way connected with the bulk mail feature. There are PLENTY of tools much more geared towards SPAM than EM client.


  1. this can be easily done by setting up contacts and sending them global invite

  2. invitations button disappear the second you buy and activate pro license.

  3. we believe that spam filter is best to setup on server because it provides more functionality by default and desing.