EM Client blocked by yahoo als "not Authorize"

since 2 Day would EM Client blocked from Yahoo! The Message is only “not Authorised” and is blocked by all logins. Why is this ? I use EM Client 2 Years and now complete block by yahoo?
What for Server use EM CLIENT? US OR GERMAN? i cant contact yahoo, cause no method avaible… no support no mail no phone no facebook… maybe can you help??? Thanks

You may need to change the security settings for your Yahoo account for emClient to connect.  Log into your yahoo account, move the mouse over the settings “gear” in the upper right corner and select Account Info.  Click on the account security option and then enable the “Allow apps that use less secure sign in” option.  

That worked for me with another application, so hopefully it will help you.

no works not with this option… still not authorized and full blocked by yahoo

I have found this prob… login your yahoo account from browser (pc) 
go to your “option” -> Account Info
go to -> security account option
activate / registering your mobile number (you will it need)
activate your -> 2 steps verification -> activate your code that you got on mobil phone
go to -> manage app passwords
choice option “other applicatition”
write in “EM Client”

you get created an extra new passwort for this em client app

go to EM CLIENT Software and switch your new password on yahoo login password