eM Client Behaving Strange


I am not sure what’s wrong. Either something might have gone wrong during the installation or may be after the installation.

Right now, eM Client is giving strange results. I am using Win XP SP3.

  • Although I have set it as default client but its still showing as not default.

  • As reported in the other topic over here https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…, only one Contact List is showing for a Gmail account.

  • In Accounts, Calendar and Contacts & Chat tabs are missing for a another Gmail account.

  • Any changes I make in the settings do not get saved.

  • When I opened the program again, it was giving a message that program was not closed correctly and then it took another 15 mins to check and repair.

  • After this, for a specific Gmail account, the messages were not synced.

I was seriously thinking of purchasing this but now confused.

As per this reply https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…, I was able to fix a few issues but not all.

On the other hand, I am evaluating Postbox which is a closer match of Thunderbird and is working perfectly fine.

I am still unsure why eM Client is giving undesired results.


Can I ask you with what exactly this reply helped you with? I understand that I was trying to solve your issue in that topic, but I will need list with issues you need still to resolve.


Hi John,

Lets start with this first:-

  • Any changes I make in the settings do not get saved. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times but the problem some how seems to occur.



What version of eM Client do you use?

Ver 5.0.18661.0

Please email me on Monday at [email protected] - I will send you further instructions.

Hi George,

I will open a support ticket on this and list all the issues in detail. It will be easier to track.