eM Client Backup Question

I backed up my data but I wasn’t sure where eM backed it up to.
I assume it backed it up to a folder called eM Client under the Users folder.
I restored an disk image just to see if the image could be restored. I copied the folder I believe eM used to backup to, it’s on my external hdd. My question is where to I place this folder in order fo eM Client to restore it?


I found it.
The backup folder is:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

how can i make eM Client backup file .eml ?

Hi James, the folder you’ve found is not a backup folder, it’s the database folder.
If you’re using Backup, go to Tools > Settings > General > Backup and check the target directory for saving backup files, to see where to find it.

Finny, you can export email into .eml files by going into File > Export > Export messages into .eml files.

Hope this helps,