eM Client automatic backup failure

I’ve set up my wife’s laptop to perform an automatic eM Client backup at 10:00 am daily. Some days, however, the backup is performed but on other it is missed.  So it may work for three days and then fail to execute on the fourth. It then has to be done ‘manually’.

I’ve checked all of the Task Scheduler settings for eM Client Database Backup for her laptop against the same settings for my Desktop PC on which the backup task runs without problems. I can find no differences between her setup and mine other than that I unticked the boxes: Task Scheduler/eM Client Database Backup/Properties/Conditions Tab/Power/‘Start the task only if the computer is running on AC power’ and ‘Stop if the computer switches to battery power’. So the task should run whether the laptop is on mains or battery power (especially as she never lets the battery run out and always recharges when it gets to around 10% remaining.)

All other Task Scheduler settings appear the same on both the laptop and the Desktop PC and yet the laptop still sometimes misses backups. Also on the Desktop PC the task automatically runs later in the day if the PC is not on at the specified Task Schedule time. This is not the case with the laptop.

I’m at a loss to know what the ‘glitch’ is - any ideas would be most welcome.

Regards, Paul R.


Having the same problem? I have googled errors with Task Scheduler in Win 10 and it seems there are a number of issues with the Task Scheduler after the “Anniversary Update”? Every time I go in and set up a task in the Task Scheduler it runs but then when I go in the next day the task is “Disabled”? This is driving me insane!

Sure hope someone out there has some ideas as to how to fix this issue. I have tried every suggestion re this issue and nothing has worked to date?

My problem disappeared after restring my eM Client from a backup copy and then updating ther program a second time.

Paul R.