eM client asks me to log into Google when I am already logged in.

eM client asks me to log into Google when I am already logged in. When I put in my Google password it says Oops, I must have cookies disabled. I have cookies enabled. I like eM client but I just get it working!

Hello Craig, sorry about the inconvenience, eM client had to change the authentication method for use with Google accounts, for more information about the new feature, read here: http://www.emclient.com/blog/em-client-now-features-oauth-authentication-with-gmail-124

Unfortunately this can cause a few additional issues due to different computer setups, in order to let the new authentication option work properly, make sure to enable Cookies and javascript for Internet Explorer, as eM Client is using some of the IE’s core features for web access etc.

Hope this helps.

Are you saying IE must be used to run GMail? I don’t use IE.

Yes eM Client is built on the .NET framework and is using some of the IE’s core components, for now.

In order to guarantee all features work properly, it is required to keep Internet Explorer up to date.

OK. So my IE is up to date. I opened Gmail in IE and I get the same result as when I was on Chrome?

Hello again Craig, maybe this is a little misunderstanding.

You don’t need to use IE to access your Gmail, eM Client is just built on a framework that uses IE’s features. Thus, the only thing you need to do is to enable Cookies in Internet Options for Internet Explorer and then you should be able to authenticate your gmail account with eM Client.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, eM Client had to change the authentication method due to Google’s deprecation of the previous authentication options.

No problem. Understood and completed. I appreciate the quick response!

After I re-enter my username and password, I am being confronted with another dialog pressing me for a series of permissions, followed with ‘by clicking Accept, you allow… Google to use your information…’. I do NOT give such permission to Google. But there is no option to deny these permissions, just a ‘Cancel’ button, which prompts ‘Authentication process not finished, are you sure?’. Click ‘No’ cycles back again, click ‘Yes’ just causes it to prompt you later. What gives?

Hello, without accepting the option you won’t be able to use the account with eM Client, just to clarify by clicking Accept you’re not giving access to Google but to eM Client to use the following items as listed in the window, e.g. downloading your email, contacts, calendars or tasks, in another words, all the services you’ve downloaded eM Client to use with.

As I’ve suggested before, this is a new authentication method supported by Google, we had to enable this option as Google has shutdown support for authentication using a regular password authentication through IMAP, it has been marked as a less secure option in the past and now it’s being disabled completely.