EM Client asks for password to my email account every time I try to send mail.

In the last 2 days EM Client has asked me for the password to my email account every time I try to send mail. Although I put the correct password in, it won’t send the mail and keeps giving me the message "server says "5.7.8 bad username or password (Authentication.  What is wrong?

Hi Mike, what version of eM Client are you currently using, can you please include a screenshot of the error in your next reply?
What mail service are you using in eM Client?

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![]( “Image null”)
I’ve just downloaded the latest version of em client yesterday.  The screen shot is above but it doesn’t show???  My email is Verizon and sounds like the same problem you are addressing with Kyra Marino.  I’ve checked the settings that you told her to check and have the same results as she has.

Hi agai Mike, I’ve discussed this issue with my colleagues, but unfortunately we believe this is a server issue, as several users of verizon reported the issue at the same time without changing any settings/or updating the application, please make sure you’re using the correct mail settings that should be available here: http://www.verizon.com/Support/Residential/internet/highspeed/email/setup+and+use/questionsone/86782…

And if you’re please contact Verizon support in order to resolve this issue.

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