eM Client as Default eMail Client in Windows?

how can i make em client as the default email client?
when i try and send an email from work or powerpoint etc… it says…

There is no associated program to send email. Please install…

What is the solution?

I have similar problem in that I cannot register the program as the default email program.

I have Windows 7 x64 and I can ́t send email from Word … for example. Very old version - emclient v2 work fine,.

Please check your settings in “Program Access and Default” under control panel. And make sure eM Client is on the list and access are enabled.

Control panel:

From Word 2007:

What’s wrong??

I presume it in Czech, you’ll need to wait for someone that speaks Czech to help you.


unfortunately eM client cannot edit e-mails with Microsoft Word and you cannot send an email from the Word using eM Client.

When I opened Word (2010) and clicked File -> Save & Send -> Send Using E-mail -> Send as Attachment, eM Client opened fine for me

If you have this issue, you can try setting another program such as outlook or live mail as default, then set eM as default again. That has sometimes fixed for me when I have had problems like this before.