eM Client application shortcut in Win 10 Start Menu persists despite deletion

Version 7.2.35128.0 of eM Client places an application shortcut in the root menu of the Win10 Start Menu. I’ve deleted it several times, but a new shortcut is being placed in the folder.

This was posted as a Question four months ago, so I’m seeing that it’s not a new issue. I am reposting this as a Problem.

Excuse me for asking, but I am quite confused: Why should this behaviour be a problem?

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This behavior is a problem because it interferes with a user’s interface, specifically the manual organization of the Start Menu. If I delete or move a shortcut, a program should not re-create that shortcut in a default location without permission from the user.

Response from support:

I’m afraid that is Microsoft’s requirement since version 7.2 introduces the support for Windows native notifications. To implement that feature, we had to change the application’s functionality and that is one of the changes related to implemented system notifications.

This seems like a poor implementation of the requirement cited by support. Does anyone have experience with this?

FWIW — I turned off system notifications (Tools > Settings > Notifications > Use system notifications) and the menu item hasn’t reappeared since.

Spoke too soon. This reappeared a few days ago.

This “bug” is so frustrating. I control my start menu icons. If I delete the eM Client, I want it to stay deleted.
Actually, what I do, is MOVE it to a structured/organised set of folders. eM Client is then repeatedly creating a new start menu shortcut, even though I’ve already got one.

Can anyone think of a way to stop eM Client from being able to do this? Maybe some kind of Windows security setting…?

Strange this problem hasn’t be solved yet, while Em Client says it’s the best Email Client for Windows…
In the meantime I’ve made a batch file with this content:
del “C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\em client.lnk”

This batch file is executed every five minutes in the Task Scheduler of Windows.

What happens when you uninstall eM Client? Is the entry correctly removed from the Start Menu?

I can’t uninstall Em Client. I bought version 8 and can’t find a link to download an install file for this version…

If you have eM Client installed, then there will be an entry in the Start Menu.

If you uninstall eM Client, then the entry will be removed from the Start menu.

The emClient software is creating a start menu link either when it starts or when I maximize it for the first time after it starts. I do not believe this behavior is a Microsoft requirement. Microsoft doesn’t require that I set up my start menu the way they want it. I have six other software applications that start on Windows start, and emClient is the only one with this behavior. Like others, I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure my start menu is set up specifically in a way that works for me as I have been doing for many years. I also find the reappearing emClient menu link extremely annoying, and I had to schedule a batch file to get rid of it. This certainly disqualifies emClient from being “the best email client for Windows.” PLEASE fix it!