eM Client and Windows Explorer (Windows 7) Emails shown in Windows Explorer will open, but will not show in the preView panel.

Hello EmcCobbler,

I’m not completely sure what you mean. If you’d like to see previews of .eml files in the windows explorer, that’s unfortunately not something we can influence as that is a Windows functionality issue. If this is not what you meant, we’d please ask you to post a screenshot.


Thank you Maurice - I’ll have to persist with Windows as the problem.

Hello Maurice , I am able to view outlook email saved as eml but unable to view emclient mails which are saved as eml

Hello Hari.

What version of eM Client are you using?

Version 7.1.31849.0

Can you send me one of these .eml files that you cannot open. My address is gary.curtin@gmail.com

Gary i can open eml file but cannot preview it in widows explorer. Have sent you the files

OK, I got the files. The one you can’t preview is an .eml file. The one you can preview is a .msg file.

Maurice commented above that this is a function of Windows, not eM Client. That is only partially true. Part of the MS Outlook installation enables you to preview the .msg file in Explorer. If you have Windows Live Mail installed on the computer you should be able to preview .eml files in this way also.

Not all applications provide the Explorer preview for their file types. Apparently eM Client is one that does not.

Thank you