EM Client and proper iCal Server 2 support

Hello, I want to give our Windows-Users a 100%-working connection to our iCal Server v2. While EM Client is capable of reading and displaying the user calendar and even being able to auto-complete a person that should be invited by querying iCal Server’s users, it’s not possible to actually invite that person. An error occurs: “CalDAVWriteEntityQueueableOperation” and this is it. Looking in the logs of the calendar daemon I see that it tries to mail the invitation, it does not use iCal Server v2’s ability to send the invitation directly through the server. I would love to see that happen cause then EM Client would be the only Windows eMail/Calendar solution fully supporting iCal Server 2 of Snow Leopard Server…

I second what you’re saying, there are some very strange anomalies when attempting to interface with ical server. For instance, when reopening created events, under attendees, the organizer’s email is replaced with a nobody@invalid and all other attendees are not displayed. Yet on ical server, everything has been written. Also the location does not auto-populate. I too am a little perplexed why em client wouldn’t support ical as a viable competitor to Exchange in that it provides for unlimited user licensing, and if it were not for the no viable windows client headache, could possibly bite exchange in much the same way that Firefox bit IE.

This is now fixed internally (in fact it is a problem of iCal, but we made a workaround), so it should work in the next update (it might be released in a few days).

Sync with CalDav, but when “Send Update” of a Task to people assigned to shows: An erroc occured: Cannot send massage (None of the mail recipients were accepted by the server). Else, in outbox update massage shows no recipients. What To Do??

Hi, which version of eM are you using?

latest one. today was udated to 3.5.11809.0 . still there is the mentioned problem