eM Client and Gmail

I recently converted my cable company email account (POP3/SMTP), which I use for most emails, from Windows Live Mail to eM Client, and I am very pleased with the results. At the same time, I’ve been using my Gmail account as a secondary account, but completely separate, with different but similar contact lists. I’ve seen some references about integrating eM Client and Gmail. Could I do this and simplify some of the things I’m doing now by not maintaining two separate email environments? My understanding of what it means to integrate eM Client and Gmail is not very good. Any information will be appreciated.


Here’s a follow-on question. If eM Client is integrated with Gmail, is the same contact list used? Since I’ve been using the two programs separately, I have contacts in my eM Client list that are not in the Gmail list and also the other way around.


Hello Jim,

If you mean that you wish to configure your Gmail account in eM Client then it’s of course possible - eM Client fully supports Gmail. Configure the account in eM Client > Menu > Tools > Accounts > Add account. You can find detailed guide at: https://www.emclient.com/em-client-with-g-suite which describes GSuite (Premium service for companies by Google) but works the same way for Google.

You’ll be then able to access both your cable comp. mail account’s contacts and Gmail contacts.


Russel, thank you for the reference that explains how to add a Gmail account to eM Client. After reading the information there, I’m not sure I would gain much by doing that. Here are a few observations and a few more questions.

I definitely don’t want to synchronize my Google calendar with eM. I’m perfectly happy accessing the calendar directly on its website using my browser (Firefox).

My eM contacts list is more complete and up to date than my Gmail contacts list, so I probably don’t want to synchronize contacts. In fact, I probably should delete my Gmail contacts, export my eM contacts and then import them into Gmail so the Gmail list will be up to date.

I currently have Gmail set up to forward any incoming messages to my cable account so I will not miss them, because I don’t check the Gmail inbox as often as I do the eM inbox. If I added Gmail to eM, I wouldn’t have to do this, would I?

I have a couple of contacts who, because of a problem with their email providers, cannot receive messages from me that I send from my cable address. I have to send messages to them directly from my Gmail account, which is extra work. If I add my Gmail account to eM, can I send messages from eM that would go out from Gmail rather than my primary cable address?

A factor that might favor adding the Gmail account to eM is that I am considering transitioning my primary email use from the cable address to Gmail sometime in the future.

Any additional info you think of in light of these observations will be appreciated.


The most significant question I have is this: If I add my Gmail account to my existing eM Client environment that currently has only my cable email account, will I be able to send a message to all the addresses in a group that I have defined in eM but from my Gmail account? If so, that would keep me from having to maintain duplicate email groups in eM and Gmail.

This is the one feature that would probably cause me to integrate my Gmail account with eM.