eM Client agenda and Google Agenda

Dear Reader,

As you know eM Client basic has a limit of two mailaccounts. In my case my work account and xs4all account (private account).

I would like to import and synchronize my Google agenda (and Google contacts, for that matter), with eM Client without creating a third account (my gmailaccount)

Is it possible to import and synchronize with Google (agenda and contacts), without creating a gmailaccount in eM Client?

I would be obliged, if yoy can inform me in this.

Yours kindly,
Michel F. van den Brun
Kingdom of the Netherlands

Hi Michel.

The solution is to remove your work account from eM Client and then you can add an additional account. Under the license agreement you cannot use your work account with a Free License.

Dear Gary, Dear Reader,

I’m a member of a non-profit foundation. So with ‘work account’ I don’t mean an account for a paid job. It’s more or less a hobby.

So I would like to keep my 2 accounts on one of my Pc’s, and still import and synchronize with Google, without creating a third google account.

Is this possible?

With kind regards,

Michel F. van den Brun

You can add the Google Contacts and Calendar. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account. Select Calendar > Google Calendar.

Follow the instructions. On the last screen make sure you select Contacts as well.

My experience is that the account limit is only enforced on email accounts, so this probably will allow you to add the extra account. It did in the past so give it a try. :wink:

Whether you are violating the license agreement as a non-profit is between you and eM Client Inc., though strictly speaking non-profit is not non-commercial nor is it for personal use.

From the Agreement you accepted when installing the application:

Business operations means using the software with any account which is not used solely for personal use. For example, use of any account that includes a domain name (e.g. emclient.com) which is registered to a business (or any other organization including non-profit or government organization) that is in any relation with the customer is understood as business operations.