EM Client account wiped?

Returned to work for first time since 23rd December to find all emails wiped from EM Client - appears that my account has re-set??

It looks like I have lost all emails.


Hello Rich,
eM Client itself cannot remove any of your messages on its own.
What mail account did this happen with? Is it set up as POP/IMAP/Exchange?
Are your messages still on your mail server (perhaps when accessed through webmail)?
Are there any error messages?


Hi Olivia,

My apologies, but none of what you asked me makes sense to me!!

All i know is I was using it before christmas, sending and receiving emails, utilising the calendar functions and now when I logged on this morning, there is nothing there at all - nothing except a welcome email, as if I have just opened the account, when this is not the case.

I hope you can help

This has happened to me too - but I don’t have automatic updates, it came up asking if I wanted to update with the latest bug fixes - I clicked on yes and now it is welcoming me as a new user with no emails left and no previous version information to revert to. Do you maybe have automatic updates and this has updated itself? I also need help!

Rich - I just did menu - file - import - import from version 6 and it is busy replacing all of my emails. All marked as unread but at least they are there. I hope this sorts out your issue as well. Ali

Hi Ali, thanks for the info, but unfortunately this hasnt worked for me :(. It says that the version 6 is too old to import from!!! Ive only used Em client since mid December!

Hello Rich,
uninstall eM Client 7 (this will not remove your data).
Install latest version 6 from this link - http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.24928/setup.msi
Your old database should pair up, if the update to eM Client 7 from an old version 6 was the issue.


Hi Olivia,

The download failed during checks;

It said “Checking for inconsistent data” then “Failed” with a red cross



Hello Rich,
sounds like you database files could be corrupted. Do you have any backups to restore from?

Wish I did Olivia, I hadnt been using the system for long enough to warrant a back up.

But in saying that, I did send a lot of emails and used the calendar function.

Im guessing that they are lost then?? :( 

Hello Rich,
if your data was synchronized with the server than setting up the mail account and calendar anew will download these data again.
If you had any locally saved data, they might be gone.

To start eM Client with a clean database you must rename/remove the corrupted database from C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
If you save any data locally I suggest backing up every day using the automatic backup function in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Backup