eM Client 9 Upgrade Offer $19.95?

I received an email telling me about eM Client 9 along with an offer to upgrade for $19.95. When I click the link in the email, it sends me to a page to upgrade eM Client to 9 for $29.95. Which is the correct price?

Joe Latvaitis

If you are using a VPN, then you may be quoted a price for a different country in the payment portal.

Can you disable any VPN or proxy, then try the purchase again.

Or it may be that you purchased your license originally in a different country to what you are in now.

Yes. I was using a VPN when I opened the email. Now no matter what I do (clear the cache, history, etc.) Everything brings me to the $29.95 page.

I was on VPN too and got offer for 45CAD although e-mail said 21Euro (ironically I am in Canada on German VPN)
in despite of the pricing I have only one reason to upgrade if a thing which is very annoying to me is fixed: Every time when I create a new folder with right click on a parent folder, the focus moves from current folder with messages I want to move into the new folder which is empty and there is no reason to see it, so I than have to look for my original folder which drives me crazy as I have hundreds of folders. Support always tells me to create a new folder from context menu on e-mail but I do not find this convenient.
The second thing is saving the sent message in the same folder where I reply on a message. On some reason this is not possible in EM client and you have to go and move sent item manually. Support says no one need it because of the new grouping style of seeing messages which I actually switched off the first thing for having full control on how messages grouped and what I see.
To me these two things are critical and very easy to fix but Support was not willing to do it, instead they only explain that everything is good. Yes, the EM client is definitely very good but still I agree to pay for an update only when these two things are fixed. Can someone advise if this is the case?

The pricing is different per country. So if you are offered an upgrade price based on the country where you registered the original license, the price you get in the payment portal will be different if you are now in another country (or a different country virtually because of a VPN).