eM Client 9 upgrade has broken appointment printing

How do I now print an appointment sheet?

Until now…

Right click on an appointment and select “Print” would print the whole calendar page with a choice of view options. That is unchanged.

Right click on an appointment and select “Print selected” would print just the appointment with its notes and was ideal as a job sheet. Now “Print selected” just does the same as “Print” so I can no longer print a sheet with the notes related to the appointment on. Disaster!

There looked to a (complicated) workaround by opening the appointment. There is no print button here which would be useful, but you can go to Menu, File, Print and print the appointment. Even this does not really work because

a) It defaults to “Detail view” but actually prints “Table view”. I need to re-select “Detail view” for it then to print “Detail view”. However,

b) Having got this far, it then prints ignoring any text wrapping so unless I create the appointment with loads of carriage returns so no paragraph is longer than about 15 words, it prints with much of the content missing (off the right side of the page).

Is there a solution to this other than going back to Outlook?