EM Client 9 - move emails

Hi, is it not possible to drag emails from the Inbox to folders in the folder pane?

martes 22 febrero 2022 :: 2049hrs (UTC +01:00)

Yes it is possible, I do it all the time both single and multiple.

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It’s definitely not working for me, on Mac os!

This works as expected, so it is possible to drag a message from the Inbox to another folder.

What folder are you dragging the message to, is this an IMAP folder or a Local Folder?

What version of the beta are you using? (Menu bar > eM Client > About eM Client)

What version of Mac OS?

9.0.1230 (22dbf2c)
Monterey 12.2.1
IMAP folders - icloud

I briefly get a flashing envelope on the message!

Can you please report that to [email protected]

I was using another version, but I was finally able to reproduce this.

Our developers have corrected the problem, and this should be fixed in the official version 9 release.