eM Client 9 beta - Mac program cannot be hidden

Hi, everyone,

I have a mac mini with the latest software (12.2). As with version 8, the eM Client appears even though I have hidden it. When I asked support, I was told that I should uninstall and reinstall the program. I immediately switched to the beta version. Version 9.0.661 (450e1fd) is in use.
Does anyone else have the same problem?
Otherwise all other programs can be hidden for me.

Greetings Stephen

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Not sure I understand what you mean by hidden.

Can you explain a bit how you did that?

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If I want to have the eM Client from the desktop, I can either use the reduce button or the key combination “command h”. If I use the zoom out button, the eM Client immDock disappears and then immediately comes back to the desktop. Then what I see is frozen. I then have to start the eM Client from the dock and can then only put it back in the dock with the key combination command H.
I can’t understand when that happened.

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I can’t reproduce that. Sorry. But then I am using a much later beta which is not yet available to the public, so it could already have been fixed.

While testing the beta version, please send your comments directly to testing@emclient.com rather than posting them on the forum.

Thanks for the help, because I didn’t know who could help me.

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