eM Client 9.1.2109 does not show new email icon

Today i updated to the latest version 9.1.2109 (9967b93). After that i see the notification popup about new messages, but the icon in tray bar does not change.

Is there a new setting for this? Or is it just a bug?

Thank you.

I also have this bug after update

Yes, highly annoying but it doesn’t seem EM cares about it. Not even an official acknowledgement on the other thread about this.

I hope someone with VIP support will report it.
I dont think the employees are reading this forum frequently, if ever.

Same problem. It causes me not to respond promptly to urgent messages, if I fail to notice the pop up whilst being out of the room momentarily.

I have reverted to older version, it works fine there.
Be sure to make a backup, because you will end up having to set up everything from scratch, the DB between the new and the previous version are not compatible.