eM Client 9.1.2109.0 and 9.1.2114 stopped when reply or send an email?


I use eM Client and I have 5 accounts and used it for near two years without any problem, but today updated it to 9.1.2114 and when I wanted to reply to an email, eM Client stopped and exited, then I have to run it again and try the operation, but it happened again and again (also it happened for 9.1.2109). I receive new emails without problem, but if I start a new email or try to reply to an email, it fails and the application quit and closed. The error window appears and I click Continue. Why cause to occur this issue? I use eM Client on Windows 10 x64. Old versions worked well, but this new version has this problem.
Also, if I click on any links like “always download pictures from this sender” above an email, eM Client crashes!



I didn’t touch anything or modify eM, other apps, or even Windows, but today I guess the problems disappeared and eM was fixed automatically! Now I can reply or send emails or click on the link “always download pictures from this sender” without crashing. I hope the problems won’t back.