eM Client 8 crashes after starting

After the upgrade, eM client will always crash after a few seconds. I cannot even go back to version 7 because the upgrade changed the database and the checks for inconsistent data do not pass.
I tried rebooting, repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling but it is still broken.


I’m having a similar problem. I have emailed eM Client but no response yet.

I was encouraged to upgrade to version 8. When I did so, it checked the databases for corruption as they were not closed properly. I find this odd as it was eMClient that closed the application. After checking and getting a couple of green ticks, the box disappeared and eMClient did not start up. I restarted the PC and it went through the process again and still did not start.

Unfortunately, this lost me all of the day’s data as I couldn’t get my database back and had to restore from a backup when re-installing version 7.
It is trying to get me to upgrade again now but I won’t until I know what’s going on.

Why won’t version 8 run?
I am using WIndows 10 Home (v1909) 64 bit.

I have the same issue. I’m on Windows 10 Family Edition v1903 (18362.959) 64bit

Upgraded today my licensed emClient to version 8.0.2951 ; after update, ever time I launch it, I have approximately 30 seconds to read my mail before it crashes.

No error message. Just an abrupt close.

Tried rebooting, issue persists.

Please let me know if I can do something to help zeroing on the cause of that bug.

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The same here :frowning:
Although mine passes checking databases but crashes a while after checking for new emails for a while…
“I tried rebooting, repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling but it is still broken.” - did so as well…
Plus “I have emailed eM Client but no response yet.” - messaged on FB instead of email :slight_smile:
Looked nice though :wink:

/Windows 10

I’m having similar problems. Although I can get eM Client to start, it has crashed just about every time I’ve had it open, each time when I’m trying to draft an email. Overall, this version feels significantly less stable, if more attractive, than v7. (I’m on Windows 7 64 bit.)

Same issue.
Rolled back to ver 7 with database loss.

so what I did was I uninstalled the new eM8, changed name ot the storage folder (to keep it but “hide” from eM cClient). I installed new em8 and it started to download all the emails creating storage database again. Seems to be working ok. Although it shows some issue with accounts settings that I am not sure what problem is…

Just upgraded to eM8, Gets past db check and opens main window and a whats new window then the app becomes unresponsive. Have to kill the process to exit as everything is hanging. using windows 10 and office 365 as mail server.
Renamed my AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder to force eM8 to start afresh. currently syncing with mail sources and having to set my rules up again.

Same Problem as pug2001. emclient window freezes on opening, have to use the task manager to close it.

Strangely, after forcing the close it can be restarted with the data base checks and then runs fine.