eM Client 8 CalDAV note synchronization

I am excited about the new CalDAV note synchronization in eM Client 8. Would you mind sharing how you implemented this feature since notes are not specified in the iCalendar standard?

For issues with the beta it is best to send feedback to [email protected], but it may also be that some of the advertised new features have not yet been implemented in the beta.


here are some details about our implementation. You are right there is no official standard for CalDAV note synchronization, but it is quite obvious how it can be implemented to follow CalDAV/CardDAV architecture. This implementation is currently only supported by IceWarp server, but hopefully we’ll agree on this specification with other CalDAV vendors like Kerio, SmarterMail etc.

When searching for resources containing notes using SEARCH command, we are looking for resourcetype “notecollection”.

Then during REPORT command on the resources obtained from SEARCH command, we are looking for content type text/x-vnote:  “text/x-vnote” to identify individual note resources

We then download the note either via GET or MULTIGET and from there, it is just a modification of iCalendar (no official specification):




SUMMARY:Simple note

BODY:With description


With description






Where we prefer to use X-ALT-DESC only to have full HTML support

Thank you!