EM Client 8 beta: change of behavior of All Inboxes

I am trying out EM Client 8 beta. It looks very nice so far. One thing I noticed is that the behavior of the All Inboxes seems to have changed. In previous versions, the smart folder contained only the messages that were in some account’s *inbox*. With 8 beta, *all* emails in my GSuite account are being shown in All Inboxes. I wonder if that’s a bug or if it’s an intentional change.

How to reproduce:

  1. Using the GMail webclient, move an email from inbox to another folder
  2. Observe that the email is no longer in inbox
  3. Refresh the All Inbox folder in EM Client 8 beta
  4. Observe that EM Client 8 beta still shows the email in All Inboxes. With EM Client 7, as well as with other types of accounts in 8 beta, the email would disappear from All inboxes.

Please address any comments regarding the beta to testing@emclient.com


I can verify in V8 Beta 8.0.733.0 March 6th that with a standard Gmail account, emails moved from the inbox to a folder no longer show in All Inboxes and (only show) in the “All Mail” folder which is how it should be. If the email still shows in All Inboxes after moving the email from the inbox, then that does sound like a possible bug with a GSuite account as it should really work the same way.