eM Client 7 very slow

I just upgraded from eM Client 6 to 7 and now certain functions are very slow.  Sometimes I have to kill the app and restart it.  Consistent slow functions are: 1) Selecting a different folder from the one I’m looking at, especially if I select the “Flagged” folder. 2) Moving a message from one folder to another. 2) Paging thru messages in the archive (really bad). Any ideas on what to do? Thanks!

Hello Steve,
how many accounts do you have set up?
Are there any IMAP accounts? If so, do you download messages for offline use ? (IMAP tab in Menu>Tools>Accounts)

2 accounts (both gmail). Both are IMAP accounts. No, I do not download messages for offline use.  Thanks!

Interestingly enough, this problem cleared up and I haven’t experienced the problem since. Even searches seem reasonably fast.