eM Client 7 runs database check but will not open

I normally dont have problems with V7 but today it kept running database check for corrupt data and inconsistant data. on completion it closes but the program refuses to start.
Any suggestions as to cure. I suspect a corrupt dll but have no way of checking.
If I reinstall, will that do any harm?

Kenneth Ness

Did anything change recently on your computer, like a Windows update, security application install or update?

What version of Windows are you using?

You can uninstall and re-install the application without losing your data.


It looks like a current problem me too.

Gary thanks for you help, do I just uninstall and reinstall and I’ll retain my contacts, as well as my calendar

Nothing has changed as far as I’m aware. I’m on my desk top using Windows 10. My life is in Em!! I’ve use it for years. I’m scared I’ll lose everything - I’m one of those who uses here computer but hasn’t a clue what goes on under the cover.

I have the same issue. Keeps checking the database.

Dont want to loose any data as I dont have backups if I uninstall and re-install the program

What version of Windows is everyone using?

Did Windows just update? Is the restart after update applied?

I am running Windows 10 (Ver 21H1)

Can you please click on the Windows Start button and type in Event Viewer. Start the Event viewer from the options.

Go to Windows Logs and right-click on Applications. Choose Save All Events As.

Send me the file please. gary@emclient.com

Win 10 - 21H1 - Build 19043.1165

Event log sent via Outlook.

Kenneth Ness

I have the same issue a Kenneth, same OS version.

Hi, I have today had the same problem, for no apparent reason. I have tried the Repair option twice as well as Remove Option, PC restart and then new install, but emClient goes through the db checks, says it did not close down correctly. But doesn’t start.
I did not delete the db on Remove option, is it worth removing and then reinstalling, not so keen to do that.

Same problem here. Database check runs successfully, client never opens.

Well, good and bad news. Good news, after installing v8 (which I didn’t really want, but have to accept if I want my email running again.) It’s not too bad if you choose the default layout, I suppose I will get used to it. However, I have a Gmail account which get used for odd reasons and in spite of following the instructions to the letter, it refuses to sync. Gary suggested I delete the database in Appdata/Roaming - fine, except you end up with a blank setup, I haven’t the time to rebuild the database, so will have to find a workround. Pity eM Client don’t consider Gmail worthy of attention. All my settings in Gmail are as per instructions, it just don’t work. Anyway, I can get back to work with things now.


Rather than deleting the database, can you try the following. It will remove only the Gmail message cache from eM Client, but that will resync as soon as you restart the application:

Close eM Client and open Windows Explorer, then go to your database folder. By default that is C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get there.

There should be one or more folders named with a unique series of numbers and letters, like 7ede8026-bd8c-4648-87e4-1e458893fe6c

Open each one in turn and find one that contains a file named youaddress@gmail.com.acn (So whatever your Gmail or Google Workspace address is, followed by .acn)

When you find the folder with this file, delete everything in that folder.

If you have more than one Gmail or Google Workspace account in eM Client, look for the others and do the same.

Restart eM Client.

Your Gmail message cache will resync with the server, but everything else will be there as before.

Please let me know how you get on with this.

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Success, I’ve finally beaten it into submission. After another go at the port settings and deleting the Gmail database we have success.
Thank you Gary for all your hard work, it really is appreciated and I have also learnt a bit more about eM Client.
Best wishes,

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I also had success, many thanks Gary. I should have looked back at this tread earlier