eM client 7 removed shortcut to insert link


In emClient 6 (and pretty much all text editors I use) I frequently add HTML links to my text.  Conventionally, you select your text and use CTRL+K, then paste in your link.

It seems that emClient 7 no longer supports this keyboard shortcut and you have to manually use the mouse or otherwise navigate menus in order to Insert / Link.

I also cannot find a relevant entry in the options for shortcuts to manually add this.  Am I missing something?  If not, can you please add back this extremely standard and expected feature?

Hello Brandon,
seems like this shortcut had been removed between versions by accident.
I notified our team and we’ll add it in one of the future updates.


I just updated to 7.0.27943.0 and this appears to be resolved. Out of reflex I did CTRL+K while writing an e-mail just now and when the dialog appeared I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks!