eM Client 7 Release Candidate

eM Client 7 is almost ready. Ever since the launch of the first Beta, we’ve been working on fixing all the issues that were found and reported during the first large-scale testing. Now we are happy to announce the launch of eM Client 7 Release Candidate for public use.

**You can check out the full announcement and download eM Client 7 RC on our blog.

What’s new** The Release Candidate is a version which is being released for all users. It no longer uses eM Client Preview data folder, because the final version is going to be almost identical. The RC serves to make sure that all important issues reported in the beta phase were fixed. The progress between Beta 2 and Release Candidate is significant. There are tons of bug fixes, improved overall performance and user experience.

Translations The new version includes Danish localization and better support for Japanese and Chinese data input. However please note that some texts may remain in English in some localizations for the moment, an issue that will be fixed before the final version release.

Feedback If you discover any bugs or issues while using the RC version, please report them to our support team at testing@emclient.com and we will look into each reported problem thoroughly.

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