eM Client 7 RC - unread message - can't read or download

I’ve just installed eM Client 7 RC over previous stable version (6), importing the database.

One issue I’ve noticed is that it shown 2 unread messages under a local folder, in an earlier date (Feb 01, 2016), and I can’t read or download those messages. Reading pane shows nothing, and opening the messages in a new window by double-clicking them also show them as empty. Typing Ctrl-Q to mark them as read also does nothing. I can’t even delete them.

Those messages shouldn’t exist, since I didn’t have any unread messages before upgrading the app, nor any messages like the ones it shown (I always read and delete such messages).

The message counts shown for folders in the beta 2 release are a known bug that will be fixed when the stable v7 release appears.

It’s not just message count shown for folder, but when I click the folder, eMClient actually shows two unread messages. When I click them, they don’t become read, even if typing Ctrl-Q or opening them with double-click. I think they are some type of garbage from eM6 import.

“Shows two messages”  …does this mean you can see the message content in the preview panel?

No, I can **not** see message content either in preview panel or when opening message in an individual window. Referred messages are shown only in messages list.

Can you check your internet provider’s webmail version of the email account in question and see if they are shown somewhere therein?

Those messages aren’t in account’s folder, but in a folder under eMClient’s “Local Folders”. AFAIK, account’s folders don’t have any sync/viewing problem (they don’t show any unread messages either in webmail or in eMClient).

Can you copy or move them to another folder and then delete them?

No, they don’t move either.

I want to make sure you checked your internet email provider’s site. Did you go to that site and launch its own email web interface and check each and every folder for contents that resemble these two errant emails? Also examine preferences for settings at the website for retaining emails once they have been downloaded. You will have to get there via your web browser and not just by checking eMC folders.

Yes, I did. It’s a gmail account so I could just check “all messages” folder but I’ve checked all folders, through web browser. No signal of errant emails.

Did you check the Gmail Important, Trash, and Categories folders on the web site?

As I’ve stated before, I’ve checked **ALL FOLDERS**. Please, don’t treat me as a newbie, I’m a savvy computer user AND developer (32 years of software development experience).

I see. I am not connected with eMC. Am just someone trying to help every now and then. I am a former software/hardware architect (Ph.D. EE) and inveterate tweaker of my computing environment with over thirty years experience (Intel, Motorola, Alcatel, General Dynamics, my own company, etc), too. That said, given your experience, I will leave you to your own investigations and hope you get things worked out. I meant no insult to your background. Please let us all know what solved the problem.

If I may, one last suggestion comes to mind.

  1. Create a new eMC folder, e.g., TempBackup
  2. Move all messages in the folder containing these two ghost emails into TempBackup
  3. Delete the folder containing only these two messages.
  4. Go to the Trash folder and really delete the folder in Step #3
  5. Re-create the really deleted folder with its original name.
  6. Move all the other messages back into this re-created folder.

Hopefully these two ghost messages no longer show up.

Some time ago, I’ve rolled back to eMC 6 Stable, waiting for the release of eMC 7 Stable. Now that it has been released, I gave it another try (version 7.0.26653.0), but I’ve faced the very same “problem”: there are two “ghost” messages that I can’t delete, move, mark as read or anything else (the same messages as before – date, sender etc.). I guess that the old eMC 6 database had some type of “garbage” that eMC 6 itself managed to hide, but eMC 7 is showing. They are in local folders, thus eMC isn’t thinking they are still in mail server waiting for download.

I’ve tried IsoQuantic’s last suggestion, but now:

  • the ghost messages are still shown in “Unread” smart folder;

  • the ghost messages aren’t shown anymore in the local folder.

Is there any “database maintenance” utility that could check for those inconsistencies and fix them?

Thank you very much.