eM Client 7 RC - All inboxes - not showing message in one of the inboxes

Hello. Still regarding eM Client 7 RC (just installed), another issue is that I have two accounts with one message in each inbox. In previous version, the client was showing both messages in “all inboxes”; but current version shows only one message (the most recent one). The hidden message can still be viewed by accessing the specific inbox. I’ve looked for any new setting to hide old messages but didn’t find it (message was received in Apr 22). I have no clue why it is not showing in “all inboxes”.

What is this “all inboxes” you are referring to? Each account has its own Inbox. Your settings as to a primary account will show up as “Local Folders” with an Inbox folder. Other accounts will have their own Inboxes. If you want email in these other Inboxes to show up in a single folder create a rule that moves them to your primary account’s email Inbox. That is the only way to have a single Inbox showing all emails received by any account.

It’s a “smart folder”.

Was that message not be displayed in the Smart Folder actually downloaded? Right click it and select the download selected option.

After rebooting, eM Client 7 RC started its initialization process again (setting theme and importing data from previous version) – very odd! Since I’ve imported all data again, it finished with everything duplicated (accounts, messages) and, then, those messages that weren’t appearing in “all inboxes” suddenly appeared. It seems that eM 7 has still some problems in its import process.

Nevertheless, I’ve rolled back to stable eM 6 version. When eM 7 become stable too, I’ll give it a try again.


Hello Alexandre,
I know you rolled back to version 6, but are you aware of any error messages present in the Tools>Operations window, either in the Error or Log tab? There could have been a synchronization problem with your accounts. Also, what mail accounts did this issue happen on and how are they set up? Is it a Gmail/Microsoft/other accout? Is it set up as IMAP/POP/Exchange?


I didn’t look at Tools>Operations window, so I can’t say if there was any error messages there. When eM 7 imported data again and also when I’ve rolled back to eM 6, I’ve noticed that there should actually be 3 messages shown in “all inboxes”, one in account “A” inbox, one in account “B” inbox and one in “Local Folders”’ inbox. In its first import, eM 7 was showing just the one from account “A” in “all inboxes”.

Both accounts are set as IMAP (one of them is a Gmail account – the “account B” above, the one whose message in inbox wasn’t appearing in “all inboxes” folder of eM 7).

So did I. Still too many issues in 7rc. Wrong display of certain messages compared to v 6. Slow rendering when switching from mail to mail, etc.
Wait for 7 final and see.