eM Client 7 is terrible

Very disappointed with Version 7! Version 6 word flawlessly and intuitively. I was able to sync easily with Gmail and iCloud. He for me is the ability to use Dragon Naturally Speaking because of disabilities. Dragon does not work with version 7. Quite odd since Dragon works with Outlook and other Windows 10 applications.
The old version 6 functions were easy to access with the menu at the top. Not so with version 7. I find myself hunting to try to find the simplest functions such as formatting and signatures.
Really disappointed that I purchased the lifetime upgrade. An unfortunate waste of money. EM Client is no longer the alternative to Outlook that version 6 provided.

I have to agree that version 6 was better than 7.  Some emails I receive there is no text.  There are three dots on the left side of the body of the email. I have to click on that to read the email.  Never had that problem with version 6.  I even checked “display unsafe content in all messages”. That doesn’t help.  Very frustrating.

I updated my eM Client Version 6 Italian to Version 7, and I encountered some problems I had to fix by myself. In fact I was not able to see my old emails. I discovered that V7 folders have different names and the old emails were in subfolders with the old names, so I had to rearrange and rename the folders to see all of them consistently.

Moreover, some old Italian menu items (besides folder names) have been modified. The new ones contain errors (I fould a typo in the home page and inconsistencies with the new folder names) and some terms are rather unprofessional (“zittisci”, that is “hush” to postpone a notification).

Hi Ken this is actually a feature :wink: If the mailbody is empty at first and the three dots appear, it means the mailbody in it’s entirety is considered a citation resp. old mail in the conversation. Usually this removes cited text only, not the new mail text. This is done due to conversation view: if the whole mailbody would be unfolded all the time, the content would be double, since the mail history is already contained in the conversation. Since v6 did not have conversation view, that feature was not present yet. It should actually happen only once in a while that the mailbody appears empty at first and may have to do with a malformed mail. The same feature and issue is present in Gmails conversation view so I would rule out a bug in eMClient in this case.

Regarding eM Client 7, is there any way to disable the continuous reminders that come up in eMClient 6 to update to version “7”? Like others here, I am perfectly satisfied with version “6” and wish to continue using it without any harrassment. :wink: