eM Client 7 failure to sync Inbox completely

I just switched over to eM Client 7 in an attempt to fix an ongoing problem with eM Client 6 which fails to act on addresses placed in “bcc”, so that no bcc’s get sent out.  That’s the subject of another thread here
After uninstalling eM Client 6 and installing 7, all appeared to go well.  I really love the updated UI.  However, I note that my eM Client Inbox is not getting fully synced with my Outlook server.  Specifically mails from 24 hour prior are nowhere to be found in eM Client 7 Inbox, yet they are resident on the Outlook server.  When I do a ‘refresh’ it goes through the motions, but the emails in question are still not populated into my Inbox.
Any thoughts on why this may be occurring and how to remedy???  Thanks for the help.

are there any errors in Tool>Operations window under Error or Log tabs?
How is your Outlook account set up? IMAP? Exchange?


Thanks, Olivia.  When I checked my email this morning, the messages resident on the Outlook server from last Saturday had populated my eM Client inbox overnight.  Have no idea on how that happened.  I checked for errors, found none.  I’m set up as IMAP using parameters that you had outlined for me some months back when I was using eM Client 6.  Thanks again.

They are amateurs , they released a full version of bugs , they managed to screw up what was good …