eM Client 7 Constant freeze when I click on refresh

Since I upgraded to version 7, I can’t click on the refresh button otherwise eM Client freeze while downloading messages… 

Spent a few hours trying each of the updates in version 7,but opted to revert back to last update  version 6, just spinning my wheels until this is sorted out.   - tks for listing version 6 releases so we could ensure we had all those updates.  

I note MS was involved & the timing of switch from XP to windows 10 wondering if changing computers due to motherboard crash and opting to keep mail including the program initially on a backup portable hard drive since the timing for me was such that I was recovering from a concussion, & couldn;t be bothered with hassle of checking in with MS & security since I knew it was a legitimate windows 10 having purchased it with my computer at large retail outlet but I had probably initially run the program & DB on windows xp.

What I have to do to revert to v.6 without loose any info? I have a pro license. tks!