eM Client 7 and Community Support

eM Client 7 is released. You can check out the full announcement and download it on our blog.
Due to overwhelming feedback we are currently receiving you may experience delays in official responses on the community forum. Please be assured that this is only temporary and we hope to rectify the situation soon.
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Filip, could you pls. stick this announcement on top of all postings here?


Hi Filip!

Thanks for the announcement on top of the forums!

May I hijack this thread a little bit? Since I’ve asked several times for a little enhancements using a ticket and/or the forums here, I would like to take the chance to directly address a developer.

Pls. have a look at this thread https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/-do-not-show-again-option-for-rules-execution-dialog

You already implemented such “Do Not Show” checkboxes several times within emClient. Would it be possible to add such a feature at the mentioned place, too?

Guess it would be just a small change with a big impact in user experience. Would be fine if this option could be reverted in emClient’s settings as already available for the other similar checkboxes or alert boxes.

Thanks, Michael

Nowhere we have such an option for progress dialog, we only offer it for Yes/No confirmations. We may try to find a way to improve the user interface though.

…which does not necessarily mean you can’t do this at this place… :wink:

The problem why I need to execute the rules manually myself is elsewhere: unfortunately emClient does not fire the rules automatically if I’ve opened the messages on for example my smartphone or in the webclient of my provider. The server sets those e-mails to state “read”.

When emClient fetches those already read messages it thinks that they are not “new” anymore and does not execute any of the appropriate rules. So I’ve to manually execute my rules to get those messages sorted into (local) folders.

If emClient would handle this situation, e.g. incoming e-mails (that are read already) are still new to the emClient database and execute the rules nevertheless then this would be perfect!

Until then I’ve always to do some manual jobs…

“Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find the latest information about the new release or see the full release notes.”
Just tried Facebook: The “latest information about the new release” dates from June, 30th. Who do you think your fooling? Do you even still exist?

Yes, I’m asking me as well. More over I bought a lifetime License…

Your having a back log of feedback b/c your rollout is BROKEN and FLAWED. 

different issue

Please reference the new conversation here: Reactivate lifetime license