eM Client 7.0.24859.1 Beta - Issues

Hello eM team,

With v. 7.0.24859.1 Beta I’ve noted the following issues:

Customized Toolbars
Non-default added or modified buttons only show up some of the time. For example, I’ve added the “Move to Archive” command button on the Mail screen, but it almost never shows up.

Shorcut Keys
Not all key combos register and perform the desired action(s). Example: Archive (Shift+Ctrl+A), or any customized key combo stored for Archive, does nothing. I also don’t have anything like AutoHotKey or other programs running to compete for global keystoke capture, so this definitely appears to be a bug.

“New” Server Connection Method
I keep having to revert to the “legacy” IMAP/SMTP connection method in Account Settings. The default connection method fails to connect on any port – SSL, TLS or non-encrypted – and I’ve tested with known-working accounts at Fastmail, Zoho, HostGator, GoDaddy and RunBox, so I’m pretty sure it’s an eM Client issue.

Google Calendar Colors
Wrong calendar colors: when assigning a new color to a Google Calendar in eMC, it shoes as another hue entirely in Google Calendar and any other calendar program which deals with Google calendar colors properly. Seems to be a clear mismatch is color values used: RGB coding versus hex perhaps, or something akin to that. Needs to be looked at again so color changes match with Google.

I’m sure there are more bugs afloat, but those are the glaring ones I’ve run into for now.

All in all, still a very nice product, but definitely some bugs to squash.


Hello Invetic,
thank you for your feedback.

Customized Toolbars
“Move to Archive” - this button is only functional and appears for a gmail accounts. Are you experiencing any hitch on other buttons?

Shorcut Keys
Same issue as before - manual archive is meant for gmail accounts. Can you please specify which key combos are broken for you? I am having trouble replicating this issue.

“New” Server Connection Method
This depends on the ports that your mail servers allow. Legacy does not mean any outdated method, just which port your account connects to.

Google Calendar Colors
We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next BETA release.

Next time please report BETA issues to testing@emclient.com, there is no need to wait to make a list on the forum, as sending us an email as you encounter each bug will be way more efficient for you and us both :slight_smile: