eM Client 6 crashes when accessing settings because it cannot acces to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.


I’ve got a problem with eM Client 6.

During the installation, a message appears stating that the Installation Program cannot read/write to the registry key : HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, but the installation completes.

However when I try to go to eM Client Settings menu, the program crashes, because it cannot retrieve the state of the Run key.

What can I do ?

I found a workaround.

I have launched a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges, then typed the command :

msiexec.exe /i [name of setup file.msi]

eM Client was then installed correctly and now I can access the settings.

PS : during the installation, the error was in fact related to the “Installer” key in the registry. The access was denied for a reason I don’t know.

Bump. In fact it works one time but when I close then reopen the program the problem occurs again. eM Client cannot read the “Run” key and the program crashes when I try to go to the Settings menu.

Update : I have no application crash if I run eM Client with Administrator Privileges. But as soon as I run eM Client with normal privileges, I cannot open the application Settings (crash) because it cannot read the “Run” Key.

So I have found an application to “bypass” UAC Window for eM Client everytime it launches, but I am waiting for an official solution :slight_smile:

Hi, eM Client is designed to be run under administrator privileges only. Switch your Windows profile to Administrator and it will work.



My account is already an Administrator one.

and r u running eM Client with administrator rights all the time? Or have you limited them for it?

I’ve tried to create another Administrator account, and there was no issue running eM Client on it. So I guess there was something corrupted in my registry. I’ve reinstalled Windows and everything is ok now.

thank you for information on your issue.