eM Client 6.0 Release Candidate available

please use version mentioned in original post http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.196…

Having upgraded to 6.0.19665 the problem seems to have gone away for me, but then I had no problem to start with with 6.0.19660 so time will tell.

of course you can change ports with every security policy, it should not change ports of your choice unless you use “fix” tool.
In 6.0.19665 it is behaving like it should.



Flag synchronization works from 2013 and newer, please make sure you are using this or newer version.


although the link now gives you 6.0.19665 it originally provided 6.0.19660 but the link gets shortened to http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.196… which makes it difficult, to start with, to know what you are downloading.

Hi, do you use 660 or 665 version?


edit: I see your another post that it has been resolved now,

Hi, this is actually not bug, but feature. These lines will be shown only when composing email - they will not be sent so your recipient will not see them.



I will need your IMAP logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that send logs… to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s URL in subject.

then you can turn logging off.


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Deleting trash generates “dummy@example.org”.

Deleting e-mail from “Trash” folder. When I delete an e-mail from the “Trash” folder, the e-mail is deleted but it is replaced by another e-mail labeled “dummy@example.org”. I can then delete that e-mail.

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each time I delete a mail I have the deleted mail replaced with this :dummy@example.org. I had the update 6.0.19660.0 this morning….

Is it normal or a virus ???

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since current update when I try to delete any email I get “dummy@example.org”.

eMail updated tonight, now I get “dummy@example.org” when trying to delete any email

Please post all RC version related issues here only, it helps us tracking all related issues.


Sorry to reply here, No way to add image in the previous message reply…

What I mean is that these two configuration looks similar, one is working the other is failing.


Would like to see an official bug tracker and fix list instead of forum discussions. Any chance?

6.019665: eM Client still forgot selected contact folders and calendars/tasks after restart.

From my side, this RC sounds really good.
The only thing I miss, is a full automation of the Backup feature:

  • currently, when a backup is triggered by settings in place, one is asked to manually close eM client to allow backup to proceed,
  • as no “backup done” notification is provided, it is easy to forget restarting eM and thus miss calendar events!
  • what I mean by a full automation would be the capability of eM to close itself at backup time, and to automatically restart after backup done,
  • as there are already 2 processes (1 for client, 1 for backup), that shouldn’t be too complicated to implement (FMPOV, as a software developer, but I may be wrong)

I understand that this won’t, very likely, be part of the upcoming v6, but hope that could be added in a subsequent update.

What do you think? TIA

6.019665: If I move an eMail from GMail inbox to another folder in the root on my iPhone (iOS6), then eM Client does show the eMail in the folder for a blink each time I select that folder but then the mail disappears.

Repair fixes this for the email in question but the behaviour is the same next time I managed a mail move on the iPhone.

Didn’t ever see this with eM Client 5.

As an employee you cannot choose which exchange server to use. Version 14 is exchange 2010, widely used by companies all over the world. Why is flagging only supported for exchange 2013 or newer?? Any chance to fix this for exchange 2010? Guess that a lot of people still rely on exchange 2010, as companies tend to update to newer exchange versions with some delay.

Any comment on this from official reps?

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mails displays as “dummy@example.org” after deleting.

Everytime I delete a message, the message is Displayed as “dummy@example.org”. but it’s not deleted properly. this problems occured after the update 6.019660