em client 503 Error popup with hotmail account. 7.0.26653.0


I’d really like to stop getting popups when my emclient is open.   I’m sure there is a way for me to fix it but I haven’t figured it out yet.   I am using a Hotmail account on emclient 7.0.26653.0.    I have one account only in emclient - set for IMAP.

An error occurred

Synchronizing folder “xxxxx@hotmail.com/calendar/” failed due to the folling error:  The remote server returned error:  (503) Server unavailable.


Microsoft recently began phasing out AirSync support, which is why you are experiencing sync issues. Please open the menu Tools - Accounts and click New account - Mail - Exchange. Fill in the account details (make sure both username and email address lines both contain your full email address) and please let me know if it worked.

Hello David,

I tried this and still got the same error. I have been using em client for a few months now when Microsoft moved my Hotmail account over to their new system and it has been working fine. however, for the past 2 days I have been getting an ‘error 503’ message when em client attempts to sync. Have Microsoft update their system to block access to all 3rd party email clients?? And if so, do you have a fix for this??

Hello Ron,
error 503 is a server issue meaning the server connection is not available.
Is your account currently set as IMAP or Exchange?


Hi Olivia,

Thanks for the reply. My email connection to the Outlook server is now working correctly again.  It just seems strange that it should stop working for a 2 day period and then start working again.  I will get in touch if it happens again.  Oh, by the way, my account is set up as an IMAP account, I tried setting another one up as an Exchange account and that failed as well with the same error (503).