EM Client 5 does not Show New Mail in Folders

I have a rule set up on gmail (not em client) to move certain messages to different label when received. Since the update to em Client 5, none of my Gmail folders show when there are new messages in them. This used to work fine (the folder would turn bold when new messages were in the folder).

I do the same thing, and it works fine, although in version 5 the folder name is not bolded, just a little box next to the folder name with the number of unread messages:

edit: Oops. just reread your post and see that you are filtering in gmail, not em. That is different - in my case, I am applying rules to label the messages within em. I tried doing it in gmail but prefer it this way for an additional reason: If my PC is sleeping and I’m looking at my mail on my phone or tablet, all my new mail is in the Inbox rather than have to find it in various other folders.

But this in turn reminds me of another problem I have reported in the past: If a message is previously read before being downloaded to em, the rules are not processed on it. This is very annoying. I think a rule should be processed on a newly downloaded message regardless if it is marked as previously read.

Hey Scott, I’m experiencing the same thing, although with my own IMAP account. I hadn’t seen your post until now, although I had already created one afterwards. Here’s a link:


I think we’re talking about the same issue here, and I hypothesize as to which changes may fix this unfortunate behaviour. I’ve assigned it to “Ideas”, since it’s not really broken per se, but it could use this HUGE improvement. +1 for the idea of bolding the folder name when it contains Unread msgs as discussed.

eM Client is really the best Outlook alternative I’ve tried (I’ve just switched from Outlook 2013 which appears to have horrible IMAP support - i.e. what forced me to look for an alt), but there is still a bit of polishing up to do. That said, kudos to the devs on a well-made project.