eM Client 5.0: sync errors, quota errors, keeps loosing account, port and path settings

I am using eM client version 5.0.17263.0, installed on Monday, Jan 7th 2013.

I get numerous quota errors and sync errors on all accounts, although no such errors occur with our other eMail-clients and identical settings.

More , eM client seems to forget all user adjusted settings. I have had to change the location / path of the storage folder and copied all files to the new folder. Upon restart, eM Client defaults back to the standard folder in the windows user profile every time.

I had to adjust the IMAP and SMTP settings for each account manually to get eM to work. When the authentification, port and connection settings are completed, I then click “Diagnose” and both settings check out OK and green. I repeated that for each mail account. However, eM Client keeps changing these settings. Upon the next sync run, eM Client displays sync errors for all accounts and advises to check the account settings. When going back to checking the account settings, all SMTP and IMAP settings defaulted back to the standard non secure ports 25 and 143 and to “SSL/TLS if available”. It cannot work like that. With our accounts, it is bound to fail unless the specific ports are used.

In reply to numerous problems which were posted here previously, eM employees replied that these would be fixed in version 5. Unfortunately, as of today, we do not see any improvements in regard to the aforementioned bugs.

We are considering the purchase of eM Client licenses as alternative to MS Outlook because it received a recommendation…

eM Client Support team: You guys have 30 days to straighten these bugs out and convince us that this product works reliably.

Please advise how to fix these problems.

Other users with similar problems, please reply.

I have already replied in this topic:https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…