eM Client 5.0 Release Candidate

I am happy to announce that eM Client 5.0 Release Candidate is now released to public. We are very close to the final version release now.

Download Release Candidate here:

Release notes for v.5 are:

  • Brand new Windows 8 style modern look
  • Full support for Windows 8
  • Hotmail support (Mails, Contacts, Messenger)
  • Simplified and tweaked GUI
  • 4 predefined themes
  • Full featured mail backup
  • Automatic archiving of older messages
  • Support for archive on GMail
  • Even better support for GMail including simpler folder hierarchy.
  • MSN (Live Messenger) support
  • Settings are now completely reworked and simplified
  • Import and export settings (including accounts and rules)
  • Print preview for mail printing
  • Simplified Smart folders (former Global folders)
  • Detach chat window quickly with drag and drop.
  • Brand new calendar with new look and better support for keyboard.
  • Improved execution time.
  • Many other bug fixes and optimizations.

Is there a list of bugs fixed or other changes since the initial beta release? That would be very helpful in checking out the new release.

Please see an original beta thread, there are company comments to almost every reported issue. Most of them has been fixed.

I’ve installed it and it looks good so far. I’ve reviewed the earlier beta comments and have confirmed that several fixes I asked for have been implemented:
* retaining event times on the monthly calendar view for smaller window sizes
* adding month names instead of roman numerals

Others have not been implemented:
* Bold folder names for unread messages
* Adding a rule action to set the flag on a message

Overall, it looks like a nice improvement (after only a few minutes of evaluation).

Hello, cs translate bug, look at the picture.

Please add “check backup files”. Sometimes emclient creates a bad archive file. Thx.

It was a GMail account?

Icewarp account.

  1. When is set View - Layout - Messages on the Right, then all messages are in “visual merge”. I missed something like separating line or alternating colors for rows.

  2. I missed icons in front of the text of folders left panel - “visual merge” of texts.

This is probably a problem on the server side. What version of IW do you use?

Just installed!

Looks great and loads like lightning compared to old version.

Great job guys - well worth the wait!

I will comment later when I have evaluated it.

Version of server is 10.3.5. I know, there is a new version, but there is some bugs for us. Emclient contact groups (GAL with mailinglist) vs. IW server 10.4.3.

I don’t have access to help under the Help>Contents menu selection. It tries to go to a website, http://www.emclient.com/webdocumentat…
and then just shows a 404 error - file not found.

Do I have an installation problem or is this not available yet?

I’m using the 5.0 release candidate.

We did not finish the documentation yet, but it will be available with the final version.