eM Client 5.0 BETA is here!

We are proud to announce that eM Client 5.0 BETA is here!
There are plenty of new features, check it out and let us know what you think.

Here are a few of the new features:

  • Brand new Windows 8 style modern look
  • Full support for Windows 8
  • Hotmail support (Mails, Contacts, Messenger)
  • Simplified and tweaked GUI
  • 4 predefined themes
  • Full featured mail backup
  • Automatic archivation of older messages
  • Support for archive on GMail
  • Even better support for GMail including simpler folder hierarchy.
  • MSN (Live Messenger) support
  • Settings are now completely reworked and simplified
  • Import and export settings (including accounts and rules)
  • Print preview for mail printing
  • Simplified Smart folders (former Global folders)
  • Detach chat window quickly with drag and drop.
  • Brand new calendar with new look and better support for keyboard.
  • Improved execution time.
  • Many other bug fixes and optimizations.

You can download the beta version here.

Will it install over V4
Oops, there was a server glitch.

It will install over

Very nice, working well here.
Back-up is very quick

I just installed it, and that went very smoothly, with all settings carried over from my earlier version.

I had to do a “Repair” on the calendar account to get existing events to be displayed.

Event times have disappeared from the calendar month view. Is that a setting option? I don’t see it anywhere. Start times were displayed on my earlier version.

Sadly, month names are still not displayed on the calendar. It still shows Roman numerals for the month (e.g., IX for September)

Brand new Windows 8 style modern look
What is Windows8 style? For me is style as before.

Looks great and works well so far

Hello Mike,
thanks for the info.

  1. What calendar account do you use? Google Calendar or CalDav?

  2. The event times are now displayed only when the day column exceeds a certain width - this improves usability on lower resolutions.
    a) What resolution do you have?
    b) What size is your window (maximized, most of screen, etc)
    c) Is your right sidebar expanded?

  3. We’ll evaluate the month naming convention.

The Modern theme, which is available in the new eM Client version, follows some of the Windows 8 design trends to make the user interface cleaner and more usable.

You can change the theme in Tools->Settings->Appearance->Themes or upon the first execution of the new version.

I am getting a Synchronization error - SQL Lite error unrecognized token, and not all my tasks are synching. I sent in logs and got an email that a ticket was opened. But I tried to go back to version 4, but it told me I could not install it because the database had been modified for the higher version. Is there a way to go back to version 4?


Hello Duane,
you should have a reply in your inbox concerning the issue.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to downgrade to 4.
But I am sure we’ll be able to work out the issue quickly.


Thanks for the quick response!!!

Thanks for the feedback, Libor. I see now that the times do show up with a bigger display.

  1. I am using Google calendar
  2. I have 1680x1050, with eM not maximized, but filling most of the screen. Sidebar is not expanded.

I tried other resolutions, and the times don’t show up for anything less than about 1600 pixels wide. I think it’s a good design idea to declutter the display, but I think your threshold for hiding the times could be a bit smaller (display times for a smaller display window).

would love to see better integration into zimbra(similar to what gmail does), 1 account for mail/contacts/calendar.

I believe we could really sell this to customers if they could set this up easily for our zimbra services we offer.

Too bad -. Still no Notes for e-mail
Then I’ll buy no upgrade

I see the:

  • Even better support for GMail including simpler folder hierarchy.

But I like how it collapsed so I didn’t have see all the folders all the time. Is there a way to get that back? Or am I missing a show/hide feature?

The beta still has the issue with task due dates being 1 day off when syncing with Google Tasks (ex. task that is due the 31st in google tasks, shows up as due the 30th in eM Client). Otherwise, looks good.

I am disappointed to see the bug at:


is still not resolved…

Please advise when this annoying issue will be corrected and how I might help to solve.


Move the Cursor to the next line after inserting “Date and Time” in new mails is not implemented.

Hello, when I enable Backup in settings, after close settings is this disabled. BUG

thanks for the post.
This should be fixed in the final version.

It seems that the mail sync with @outlook.com (same like hotmail.com) doesnt work